Some Of The Grab a Pig Card Game Testimonials

Below you will find some of the testimonials we have received about the Grab a Pig card game. People love it, the resounding thing we hear is how much people laugh when playing it which makes it all worthwhile for us.

If you have a game of Grab A Pig we would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed the game and would like to send in any testimonials for possible inclusion on our web site or future mailings please send an e-mail to us at with Testimonials as a subject heading.

Charlene Reyes - Austin, Texas

"I wanted you to know we loved Grab a Pig. We hosted an "international dinner in honor of the British with a traditional english meal and celebrated the opening olymic ceremony (finely done by the way). Grab a Pig was just one of the "olympic games" for our night. The winner's prize was a crystal pig with pink wings...A fine success!"

Julie - Norwich

"My son (age 13) recently played 'Grab a Pig' at a friends house.
He came home and went straight onto your website informing me that we had to have our own copy.
The game has caused great amusement in our house, every visitor has been 'forced / encouraged' to play.
All ages from 7-75 have played (although grandad was rather slow at grabbing the pig!!!!!) and it has caused much laughter.
A great game for a great price and a nice change from the tv/wii etc."

Jill Hodgkinson - Northamptonshire

"I bought Grab a Pig for my granddaughter for Christmas. It's a great game and was enjoyed by all. It didn't take an age setting it all up with masses of cards, boards and rules. It caused a great deal of shouting and screaming and it's a wonder that the neighbours didn't call the police out. We all gave it 10 out of 10."

Christine Burgin - Lincolnshire

"Absolutely fantastic, never laughed so much for ages. 15 of us for the weekend ranging from 12 to 80 everyone played and had a brilliant time. Cannot recommend it highly enough!"

Mrs. Ann Lake - Oxford

"We have lots of fun & laughter - old & young - they've all enjoyed it. A great ice breaker!"

Mrs. Amanda Ripley - East Sussex

"I love this game and so do my children of all ages."

Janice Nice - Suffolk

"Great family fun. One broken finger nail and 2 scratched arms! Simple, suitable for all ages. Brilliant!"

Alison George - Hertford

"We've had our Grab a Pig for a few years now and is a family all time favourite! One set is now in Australia where it is played loads and loved!"

Oliver (Aged 11) - Suffolk

"Very good, takes getting used to what you have to say."

Alex Clements (Aged 8) - Norwich

"A great and funny game."

Jonathan, Bethany, Nick, Katie (Ages 20 - 22) - Surrey


Miss Tina Calleja

"Fantastic game. I have introduced it to many friends but it is not available here in Malta. Any chance of it being sold here in the future?"

Mrs. M Trett - Norwich

"EXCELLENT! Bought four - Grandchildren love it, have had lots of fun."

Mrs. D Morris - Kent

"Played it on holiday with friends, haven't laughed so much in ages. Could do with having two sets of cards so you could play animal snap as well. We did animal impressions instead of saying snap!"

Liz - Norfolk

"My family love it, it's the most I have seen my husband laugh in years."

Alexandra (aged 9) - Nottinghamshire

"I thought the game was really good and funny. Also the pictures were well drawn."

Vivien Bannister - Suffolk

"We had an excellent night with Grab a Pig and a few glasses of wine. This game is great fun."

Dawn - Suffolk

"It spans the generations. My six year old loves playing Grab a Pig with his Grandma."

Zoe - Norfolk

"It was so much fun, we played for hours."

Jill Brown - Hertfordshire

"Before I bought Grab a Pig I had reservations that it would only be suitable for children. I took it home and played it with my husband, my 13 year old son, my 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend and haven't laughed so much in years."

John (Aged 87) - London

"I had my reservations about how much fun Grab a Pig would be. After playing just one game I soon realised how much of a laugh it is. Grab a Pig is tremendously good fun."

Anna - Suffolk

"Despite being for ages six and upwards, my four year old has picked up Grab a Pig really quickly and loves beating his seven year old brother."

Barbara - Norfolk

"I belong to a club and we occasionally have an evening with a quiz and some games, like beetle and dice, so I thought your pig game would be fine. It was a good laugh, and bear in mind most of the people in the club are over sixty!"

Tony Lee - Norfolk

"I played Grab a Pig with my family and we all enjoyed playing the game, it was good fun and lots of laughter. It appealed to all the members of the family who range from 8yrs to 38yrs."

Katie - Suffolk

"This game is "Pigging Fan-tas-tic"! Grab a Pig gave our Family hours of fun at Christmas."

Mrs Stevens - Cambridgeshire

"A mad enjoyable evenings fun, everything you say it is in the instructions. The whole of the family played from 8 to 73 years of age."

Mrs Emmerson - Suffolk

"A very enjoyable family game."

Paul - Norfolk

"Excellent and very funny game ... Guaranteed to make you giggle!"

Ivan - Suffolk

"we have played grab a pig over the Christmas period and have had hours of fun and have struggled to put the game down. Excellent."

Pam - Suffolk

"Fantastic family game. Fun for all ages! So good we went out and bought another one for ourselves."

Eileen - Suffolk

"We had a lot of fun. Bought it to play with my grandchildren when they come around who are aged 13 and 15."

Christine - Norfolk

"We purchased the game for our daughter for Christmas, we had relatives down and we played Grab a Pig. We had such good fun, the teenagers thought this game was a brilliant and funny game to play. We were all laughing so much they have asked us to buy a game and send it to them in Watford. They were really impressed by the game it certainly gave us all a good time this Christmas."

Katie - Essex

"Easy game to play, played it with inmates at Highpoint. Well worth the money in fun. Not too many rules to work out."

Simon - Suffolk

"My Family was given Grab a Pig as a present at Christmas and have since had some hilarious fun."

Joshua (Age 7) - New Zealand

"I am having great fun with my friends playing Grab a Pig. My Grandma and Granddad bought me from Suffolk. They are going to send a game back to New Zealand for my friends when they get back to England."

Robert Churton - The Real Games Company

"Excellent Fun, a fast, exciting game for all age groups. We played with friends and their teenage children and had a really good laugh."

Renzo Galea - San Gwann, Malta

"I got the game as a present from my aunt (Anna Pilmer, Diss, Norfolk). This game is totally crazy and fun. it is ideal since it provides light fun for hours. Grown ups go crazy for it, thanks a million."

Tara Dalby (Age 6) - Chelmsford

"Good fun for everyone, including Grandparents!"

Mrs. Knight - Dover

"This is a great game. Easy to learn and any age can play. Lots of fun too."

Gabrielle (Age 9) - Coppenhall

"I think this is a great game. My fav animals are pigs, and I love the pigs inside Grab a Pig. P.S I'm a hog."

Alison (Age 14) St. Neots

"This game is very enjoyable and fun. It is a game for the whole family to sit and play together."

Mr. Symonds - Saxmundham

"Very good, easy to pick up for children and adults! Had many laughs! I would definitely recommend it to friends."

Peter Moore - Woodbridge

"We thought the game was great fun and recommended it to a friend who said that , although she hadn't played it herself, the hoots of laughter coming from her family suggested that it went down very well over Xmas - well done!"

Laura (Age 10) Warrington

"FANTASTIC. Good fun for all ages. One of the best games ever."

Grab a Pig is a card game suited for ages 6 to 96. The Grab a Pig card game is a great family card game and a riotous party card game.