Grab a Pig Card Game As A Farming Game

Portia the Pig, Founder of the Grab a Pig card gameGrab a Pig is the perfect game for lovers of farm animals. Grab a Pig is 100% unique thanks to the beautifully designed game cards, individually produced plastic Portia Pigs and absorbing game play. Grab a Pig can be taken anywhere so makes the ideal farming game for travellers.

If you or your children love farm games, you are sure to love Grab a Pig, aimed at 6 to 96 year olds one young lady aged only 5 told the Good Toy Guide that Grab a Pig is The best game ever.

The most popular farm animals feature in the Grab a Pig card game so lovers of farming games will want to take this perfectly portable game on holiday with them wherever they go.

Forget online farming games like the Farmville game, because instead of tying yourself or your children to the computer, the Grab a Pig farming game will bring you all together as a family for absolute riotous party fun whether the occasion is Christmas, a holiday, a birthday or just any old day throughout the year.

The main cast of Grab a Pig are Conrad the Collie, Shelley the Sheep, Hortensia the Horse, Henrietta the Hen, Douglas the Duck and Cordelia the Cow. They are all unique in their personalities and make the best of farm friends. Portia the Pig is the one who keeps them all together and she is the main character in th game.

If you want a farming game that is excellent value, for your child or yourself, then the Grab a Pig card game is perfect. Compact and portable, Grab a Pig is the perfect accompanyment to any holiday it is small and light making the perfect travel game to take on any journey.

Ann Lake - Oxford

"We have lots of fun & laughter - old & young - they've all enjoyed it. A great ice breaker!"

Eileen - Suffolk

"We had a lot of fun. Bought it to play with my grandchildren when they come around who are aged 13 and 15."

Robert Churton - The Real Games Company

"Excellent Fun, a fast, exciting game for all age groups. We played with friends and their teenage children and had a really good laugh."

Peter Moore - Woodbridge

"We thought the game was great fun and recommended it to a friend who said that , although she hadn't played it herself, the hoots of laughter coming from her family suggested that it went down very well over Xmas - well done!"

Alison George - Hertford

"We've had our Grab a Pig for a few years now and is a family all time favourite! One set is now in Australia where it is played loads and loved!

Ivan - Suffolk

"we have played grab a pig over the Christmas period and have had hours of fun and have struggled to put the game down. Excellent."

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We want the Grab a Pig card game to be one of the games that people will reach for before they go on holidays, at christmas, birthday parties, days out in fact any time when families or friends want to spend quality time together and laugh for hours.

With the colourful graphics and cute animals the Grab a Pig animal card game is a perfect game for children and adults.