Grab a Pig British Card Game As A Drinking Game

The Grab a Pig card game is made in BritainGrab a Pig is a British card game that was invented to be flexible. The idea for Grab a Pig came about in the christmas of 2000 over one or two glasses of wine. Just because we like to play Grab a Pig with a glass of wine does not mean we would recommend that you do.

We have customers from most adult age groups who are enjoying Grab a Pig as an adult game or drinking game. It is great for getting s party started "a great ice breaker" as one of our customers states in their testimonials.

Grab a Pig card game is a multi award winning game having been Highly Recommended by the Good Toy Guide on more than one occasion. Often when people first look at the high quality graphics of the Grab a Pig card game they think only of a family game, but trust us, play it and you will soon see that underneath the cute animal graphics and family fun rules beats the heart of an adult game waiting to get out.

It's flexibility is one of the strong points of the Grab a Pig card game, it can be a family game by day when playing with your children and an adult game or drinking game by night when playing with your friends.

Because the Grab a Pig card game allows you three lives before you are out it means that when you lose a life you can take a drink, do a forfeit, perform a dare or anything else. This makes it perfect for adults and we guarantee you will have fun once you enter into the spirit of the game.

If you want a game for an adult party, to take to friends or maybe even a day in the pub beer garden then you are bound to enjoy Grab a Pig as a drinking game or adult game. The Grab a Pig card game is one game that you will enjoy for years and play for hours check out some of the testimonials below that relate to Grab a Pig played as an adult game.

Vivien Bannister - Suffolk

"We had an excellent night with Grab a Pig and a few glasses of wine. This game is great fun."

Mrs. D Morris - Kent

"Played it on holiday with friends, haven't laughed so much in ages. Could do with having two sets of cards so you could play animal snap as well. We did animal impressions instead of saying snap!"

Jill Brown - Hertfordshire

"Before I bought Grab a Pig I had reservations that it would only be suitable for children. I took it home and played it with my husband, my 13 year old son, my 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend and haven't laughed so much in years."

John (Aged 87) - London

"I had my reservations about how much fun Grab a Pig would be. After playing just one game I soon realised how much of a laugh it is. Grab a Pig is tremendously good fun."

Renzo Galea - San Gwann, Malta

"I got the game as a present from my aunt (Anna Pilmer, Diss, Norfolk). This game is totally crazy and fun. it is ideal since it provides light fun for hours. Grown ups go crazy for it, thanks a million."

See what people have to say about the Grab a Pig card gameWe are certain that you will love the Grab a Pig card game as much as our customers above, and when you do please write and tell us about it. Not had enough proof yet, check out some more of our testimonials by clicking here.

We want the Grab a Pig card game to be one of the great adult party games or drinking games that people will reach for before they go on holidays with their mates or have a riotous party. The Grab a Pig card game is great for groups of men, women or mixed groups for parties, weekends away, holidays and so much more.

The Grab a Pig card game is perfect as a drinking game or adult card game. Perfect if you want an adult game for parties, holidays or nights with friends.